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What is the Happy Supply Co. all about?

That's a great question!

My name is Samantha Campbell, and I started the HSC mid Covid-19 global pandemic (July/August 2020).  I realized there was a huge lack of affordable design and printing services in the EUP.  The amount of badly copied and misspelled disposable menus that popped up when restaurants had to stop using the reusable menus was horrifying to me.

But...that was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

Before I started the HSC, I helped my mom run a small home baking outfit (Never Trust a Skinny Cook), mostly contributing to the technical aspects (website, promotional materials, labeling, etc).  NTASC sells only at farmer's markets per the cottage food laws in Michigan.  She frequents the Hessel Farmers & Artisans Market every Sunday (10 to 2!) and during the summer, the St. Ignace Farmers Market.  I got really good at listening to what she wanted, and making things her way even if I disagreed.  Which made me think...if I could deal with my Mom, I could probably deal with anyone!  And she still recommends me to everyone, even after she reads things I've said, like that last sentence!

Even before doing Mom's technical work, I was the person my friends and family went to when they needed something printed or digitized.  I love creating things!  I also have a probably unhealthy obsession with paper...I have decent photography skills, and during my day job I program CNC machines.  I am also a journeyman machinist, so I know how to do fine (as in small, not "just ok") work.  Recently I finished a Graphic Design certificate through the California Institute of Arts.  It all adds up to - why wouldn't I try to make money from my skills?

I love helping people, especially if it means they'll have nicer media!  And, worst case scenario, even if my product is crap (it's not), at least you'll get great customer service from me.  I want to make sure everyone is Happy.



So...what do you DO?

First off - I'm impressed you're still reading!

This is the question I get asked the most, and I still don't have a good answer to it.  I can tell you what I can't do: fly a plane, play basketball well, run long distances, hand illustrate without a lot of frustration.  But I know a guy who can do that for me.

I specialize in digital design, or digitizing existing designs.

I also may have mentioned I like paper.  Therefore, I offer a wide range of printing services, from sticker sheets/product labels, to cookbooks and notepads.  If it involves paper, the odds are very good I can help.

I do a lot of business cards, either using customer's existing designs or creating new ones.

I can do vinyl, but I hate applying it.  I have no problem cutting you designs if you want to do it yourself!  Plus, it's cheaper for you that way!

Recently, I built a 3D printer, so I now have small-scale 3D printing services available.

I'm sure there's more, so if you think it might be something I can help you with, don't hesitate to click the link to the "CONTACT" page and send me a message!  At the very least, if I can't do it, I can help find someone who can!

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