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What is the Happy Supply Co. all about?

Before I started the HSC, I helped my mom run a small home baking outfit (Never Trust a Skinny Cook), mostly contributing to the technical aspects (website, promotional materials, labeling, etc).  I got really good at listening to what she wanted, and making things her way even if I disagreed.  Which made me think...if I could deal with my mom, I could probably deal with anyone!  And she still recommends me to everyone, even after she reads things I've said, like that last sentence!

Even before doing Mom's technical work, I was the person my friends and family went to when they needed something printed or digitized.  I love creating things!  I also have a probably unhealthy obsession with paper...I have decent photography skills, and during my day job I program CNC machines.  I am also a journeyman machinist, so I know how to do fine (as in small, not "just ok") work.  

After a few years of doing design and print work in my evenings, I roped my mom and husband into helping me sell actual supplies, instead.  I realized that although I love design, I'd need to put a lot more time into marketing myself than I was really willing to do.  Having physical products, premade is a lot easier to manage when you also have a full time job and a baby.


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