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MI Home Outdoor Vinyl Sticker

MI Home Outdoor Vinyl Sticker


Note - photo shows two stickers - YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE ONE.  Those are the two options available.  :-)  Please choose the color you want below!  I may add more colors in the future, shoot me an email if there's something you want to see that I don't have on here!

  • Care Instructions

    These stickers are made from "premium" outdoor vinyl.  At least, that's what the Amazon description said when I bought the vinyl.  I don't recommend putting these on anything that will have heavy wear and tear, get super hot (not like car in the sun hot, we're talking stove/oven hot), or things that will go in a dishwasher/carwash.  You CAN put them on those things...but I don't recommend it.

  • Applying Stickers

    If you're not familiar with applying vinyl stickers, have no fear!  There are a million YouTube or TikTok videos to help.  But, I will send you brief instructions!  Don't worry, it's pretty easy (to mess up)!  <--- Just because I'm bad at it, it doesn't mean you'll be!  I have no patience...

  • Returns? Complaints?

    No returns are accepted for stickers.  If you ruin one when applying, I can't be held responsible (but I've been there, done that, so I empathize).  I sincerely hope you have a great experience with your sticker - if there's defects such as I cut it in half and didn't notice, I'll gladly replace it (and check my glasses)!  If the postal service ruins the shipping envelope, you'll have to take that up with them.  :-)

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