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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all sales, online or in person.
This page is intentionally left boring because I find terms and conditions boring! (But necessary.)

Custom Work

All custom work is quoted (estimated) before work will begin.  This includes:

-Graphic Design


-Custom Apparel

-Any Combination of the Above

You MUST approve the quote/estimate before work will begin.  Any delay in approving the quote will add that same amount of time to the estimated finished date.

The quote/estimate will include a detailed description of the services/product you will be receiving.  Carefully check this and make sure it is correct.

All dates are estimates, and may change depending on circumstances.  I will let you know if dates need to be changed (whether it's sooner or later).

Once work has begun, changes may not be able to be made, and jobs may not be able to be canceled.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you have any issues, concerns, or feedback!

Payment is ALWAYS expected at time of order, unless other arrangements have been made!

All custom work is final sale only.

Custom work becomes the property of the customer upon delivery and may be reproduced as the customer sees fit.  HSC reserves the right to display any work done unless the customer explicitly states otherwise before the work is performed.  (For example, if you don't want your mom to know you're having a custom t-shirt made, PLEASE tell me ahead of time or I can't be held responsible if she sees it on my Instagram feed!)

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an art, not a science, and therefore you should expect to give detailed information when requesting a graphic design service.  The process is as follows:

1. Customer submits inquiry

2. HSC clarifies any details related to pricing (if needed)

3. HSC estimates prices and gives a detailed description of work to be performed

4. Customer reviews estimate, careful to make sure the description of the work to be performed is correct AND that the pricing is acceptable

  4.1 HSC makes any modifications as requested by customer (if needed)

  4.2 Customer reviews revised estimate per step 4.

5. Customer pays the estimated cost

6. HSC performs the work, and will let the customer know if any significant changes from the estimate will occur (design, price, or delivery date)

  6.1 If changes will occur and the customer does not agree, HSC agrees to refund the payment (minus any transaction fees) and cancel the job

  6.2 If changes will occur and the customer agrees, HSC will continue to work on job

7. Job is completed and shipped/delivered/emailed, depending on details of the job

8. Customer is Happy!  (Or, gets in contact with HSC to make things right!)

Preowned/Handmade/Open Box Items

All items in the store will include a detailed listing and pictures.  Make sure to read every part of the listing before purchase.  All sales are final.  Many preowned or open box items are brand new, but they are listed as preowned or open box due to the fact that they are not coming directly from the manufacturer (preowned), or because the box was literally opened (open box).  


All customer communications are considered private and confidential.  I will never share/sell your information. 


For custom work, final products may be displayed as examples on my website or social media, or at shows or other physical locations.  You must explicitly state, at or before the time of order, if you wish for me to keep your purchase private/unpublished.  (No big deal, but I need to know right away so I don't accidentally share an in-process photo you don't want shared!)


It's entirely possible I haven't covered something you may want to know about - please contact me if you have any questions!  If you need clarification of any points, I'll be happy to elaborate, as well!  (If you can't tell by now, I like to type!)

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